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Were so excited that you are showing some interest into our reseller program! We just want to give you some information on our company and additionally some further information on our dealer program. First off we welcome all companies big and small to apply. All big companies start out small and we hope to help your company grow also! So you currently sell services, hardware, and other electronics? You love interacting with your clients in a professional mannor? Your company has nothing but good honest intentions and stand behind your sold products? Great! Your already closer to success. So how does our reseller program work you may be wondering by now? Our reseller program is tiered based for starters. What this means is that you dont receive your first discount until your 5th sale with our company. This allows our account managers to filter our the companies that mean business vs those that are just looking for a quick deal. Still with me? Great! You must be one of those serious companies that want to be successful and increase your profits! So two have two differant dealer programs. The first program is our most popular program which is where you support your client directly and we dont have any dealings with them. They work directly with your company on your terms. Our second option is where your customer works with our team directly without having to go directly through your company. This is a good program because we secure them as your customer and your customer only. We do not accept any payments directly from them unless your give us the go ahead. We want you to grow remember? So we want to keep you around and share the profits! In addition to this we also dont provide pricing directly to the customer. All pricing has to go through you unless once again. . . you give us the go ahead. I see your still with me at this point! You just made our day! So at this point why do you just fill out the contact form below and we will get one of our friendly account managers to reach out to you and answer any questions you have! Hope to speak soon! 

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