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Okay. . . so your shopping for one of the most dreaded parts of business that every business owner dislikes across the world. Some ask, " Why should I have to pay someone to sell my products"? Well everyday the world is becoming more advanced on technology and part of this technology is credit and debit cards. So having this said I hope you understand how important it is to have availbility to a credit card processing terminal of some sort. So you have all these sales guys running around door to door trying to sell you credit card processing and lets not forget about those calls! Ever wonder why there are so many? Think about it. . . most people go where the money is. Well there is alot of money that can be made in credit card processing as long as your willing to find the merchant that will pay the fees each month. Then they are making money off of your business. They are taking anywhere from 5-10% of your profits every month. When you pay the processor via ACH. . . the processor then sends them a chunk of the fees you just paid. By now I hope you understand the basic concept of why this is a huge dreaded topic. Lets talk about us now. What makes us different then the guy you turned away three times this week? What our fees? What what what. . . . well my friend let me explain. We dont survive or depend on credit card processing as these door to door salesmen. This isnt our sole business. In fact we didnt even start setting clients up on processing until 2014 because its a very tricky market. However when our clients kept asking about our processing our team partnered with Mercury Payments (the largest pos system processor in the country) to put together a plan of action on how we can support our clients, and keep you guys happy with both processing and the point of sale side. After months of meetings and developments we found and implemented a solution here at our offices and it has been a great thing so far. 

So a few things about our credit card processing. Unlike others. . . were not going to give you a low rate on paper and then you get charged double or triple that rate. The rates we offer on paper are normally double then what you read. Why? The reason behind this is because each card cost is charged by Visa, Mastercard, or AMEX. They control that rate based on the card type. If your processing alot of business based credit cards (fuel cards, employee cards, etc) then you rate will be higher then the diner down the street that has personal cards coming through all day. This is what we will tell you. The end of the month average rate after all fees, all charges of any type will range around 4%. I promise you that your paying that now at the very least. Just calculate the end of the months final rates. We also wont charge you for things such as statement fees. We dont want you to have to pay just to see what you paid us. It makes no sense to do that right? Our thoughts exactly! 



Now lets look at one of the biggest advantages of using our company for your processing needs. . . we supply pos systems. Chances are we have supplied yours too and when you have an issue. . . your support is all in one number. However if you use random Joe that walked in the door 6 times so far. . . well you will have to call the main support line and wait and wait. . . .and wait. . . well you get the point. We have a network of support, sales, and customer service teams established for your needs. We have backdoor numbers to gain access to certain people, and certain teams that are dedicated to our needs. See we do things right the first time. We dont start your rates high and nickle and dime you until you complain. We agree on whatever rate it is and the fees you will be charged and keep it there. You no longer have to dread your statement each month. Just simplify your business and your life and let us show you why we have happy clients processing credit cards all over the country. 



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