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About Electronic Business Solutions




 Electronic Business Solutions has been offering technology services since launched to businesses all around the world with services from software development to POS Systems. There is no business to small or to big for our company as we have built customer satisfaction processes throughout our companies in hopes to meet all business size needs. Electronic Business Solutions is a child company of EBS Enterprises which currently has over 10 child companies under one roof. Rather your business needs networking assistance, web site development, crm development, a pos system, signage, or a simple piece of hardware; Electronic Business Solutions can assist you with these. We have become really good at making our clients happy and we dont plan to stop anytime soon. In fact we work hard to hire past business owners which is where a majority of our relationships are built up on. We dont sit in a highrise office building wearing suits and ties trying to sell you the first thing you show interest in. We instead have account managers, and other team members scattered across the lower 48 states that actually looks at your business process to insure you will be happy with our service. If you called in to buy something and we felt it wouldnt fit your business then we would tell you. Some look at it like were shooting ourselves in the foot; While we look at it as doing the right thing. In addition we do alot of damage control with our company to insure that each and every client is happy with their end result no matter what the project is.