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Our A-Z Guarantee. . . Buy With Confidence

Our A-Z Guarantee allows you as our client to shop with confidence anytime anywhere! We want you to understand that your complete satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back! See we pride ourselves in the way we take care of our customers and we have worked day and night to insure that our business processes meets the average business need in a timely professional manor. Part of this process is offering only dependable and good quality products. We have a specialized team dedicated to testing, dropping, and approving all products before offered to our clients just so we know we can stand behind them without issues. In the event your equipment was to fail. . . we replace it free of charge and in advance. We dont make you use your money to send it back to us and then we send you a replacement. Instead what happens is you will receive a replacement within 48 hours with a prepaid return label. So your not even out of return shipping. The condition of the products your purchase on the website are guaranteed under our A-Z Guarantee. So in other words what you see is what you get with no strings attached! We understand that your business is our business and so everything we can do within reason were happy to. We want you making money so you can refer your friends to us later down the road. Since the our company launched we have worked to insure that friend to friend referrals were a part of our marketing. After all. . . accomplish this friend to friend referral and you have made your customer happy. Thats our views on it. 


Nothing Like A Hand Shake Type of Business

In addition to the above mentioned returns; With our A-Z Guarantee you will recieve all POS Systems plug and play ready once dropped off at your business location. All POS Systems include 1 hour free remote training so your not on your own! Most orders are received within 7 business days however please be advised that custom orders and equipment can take up to 14 days. On-Site support services are provided in the event that they are needed! So no more local computer guys trying to learn about your system on your dollar. Instead our certified professional techs are out in your area once a week in most cases. We can have someone drop in and resolve your issues. Best of all is our next replacement for failed equipment! Something went down? It shouldnt bring your business down to so we do everything we can to prevent this!