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3 Track MSR Bi-Directional USB Credit Card Reader

Sku # 797454349907



1 x USB Credit Card Reader
1 x 1 Year Warranty 


3 Track MSR Bi-Directional USB Credit Card Reader  

This 3 track bi-directional credit card reader is a high quality, low profile usb reader that will read all 3 tracks on magnetic credit cards. This unit DOES NOT have a internal emv reader (chip card). This credit card reader can be used as a secondary reader for your current pinpad, or reader. For example lets say your customer cant get his/her card to read correctly; With this reader you can take the card from your customer and swipe yourself saving valuable time during check out. Additionally this credit card reader is great for activating give cards, loyalty cards, drivers license with strips, and also can be used for access control applications, ID verification applications, and so much more. This unit is plug and play ready and does not require any programming or encryption for use. 


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Technical Support1 Year
Number of Pinpads IncludedNone Included
Pinpad Stands IncludedNo Stands Included
Cables IncludedYes
Pinpad Encryption IncludedNo

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